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Looking for a juice detox ? We offer the best juice detox, juice diet and juice cleanse here from Think PRESS. Coldpressed fresh juices delivered to your door. Subscriptions or one-off juice cleanses and juice sampler boxes available.
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Our Mission

”Our simple mission at THINK Press is to replace processed juice. Our purpose is to increase the availability of fresh, raw and organic juices to as many people as possible.
We passionately believe in the superior quality, taste and nutritional benefit of freshly pressed juice. We respect our suppliers, take pride in the production of our product and care about our customers. Our products are premium in their simplicity. Because this is what we Think juice should taste like.”
Founder Alex Auger

Founder Alex Auger

I founded THINK Press because I couldn’t believe the disparity I could see between truly fresh juice, and the ‘fresh juice’ we see on the shelves. The taste, quality and nutritional benefits of fresh juice are far superior to those that are heavily processed, yet consumers are not given that choice due to the profit orientated supply chains of major retailers. Retailers hate short shelf life products, and fresh juice (by definition) has a very short shelf life. Processed juice solves that problem, and means retailers win, and consumers lose.
We want to show people that ‘juice’ is not a dirty word, and that there is another option out there. We have a very simple mission at THINK Press, and that is to replace processed juice. Simple doesn’t mean easy, and we have a long road ahead of us. We’re starting by going direct to our customers, delivering to their homes and workplaces. The more people that adopt fresh juice as part of a lifestyle, the closer we’ll be towards making it a norm. We’re extremely grateful to everyone who has joined us on our journey along the way, and are looking forward to working with many more.

The Team

We have a dedicated team of over 15 juicers at our Lordswood HQ. Most juice companies won’t tell you much about their production team, but ours is central to how we deliver our mission. Production is the most important aspect of THINK Press – from the careful sourcing of ingredients right through to the delivery of our juice fresh to our customers. Our production team are all local and understand the importance of seasonal, locally sourced produce.
All of our juice is freshly pressed at our purpose designed juicery in Kent, the garden of England. We’re proud of our process and for anyone who’s interested in seeing more of where the magic happens, please get in touch as we’d love to show you around.
Operations Manager Harriet

Freshly pressed, every day


Never heated, or pressure treated


Crafted recipes from local ingredients

Good for you

Nutritious juices for a healthy lifestyle