THINK Press | 1, 3 and 6 Day Juice Cleanses
THINK Press formulates tailored juice cleanses to achieve specific results. 1,3 and 6 day programmes available.
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Juice Cleanses : Coldpressed Juice Cleanse Detox Diet
Select your start date at the checkout – you can begin Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays.
We offer both crafted and bespoke cleanse programmes.


Need a quick guide to choosing the right cleanse for you? You can find more information on all of our cleanses on their individual pages but this should offer a good place to start..

First time Cleanser – 3 or 6 Day Lighten

Gym Bunny – 3 or 6 Day Strengthen

Health Obsessed – 3 or 6 Day Green

Sweeter Tooth – 1 or 3 Day Roots

Or if you know exactly what you’re after you can create your own 1, 3 or 6 day Bespoke Cleanse Programme.

Questions? Give us a call on 01634 862606 or email

Below is a quick guide to our juices

    This juice is not what you expect. We experimented with cold pressed, ripe tomato juice, added in spicy red chili with a sharp twist of lime and the result was surprisingly clean, surprisingly fresh and the ultimate pick-me-up.


    This juice is 80% veg. It’s low in sugar & rich in nutrients. Baby spinach adds extra freshness, wheatgrass gives a kick & parsley and lemon balance everything out. All the goodness of pure green (that tastes really good).


    There’s a reason this is our best selling juice. The sharp sweetness of Kentish green apples lift local baby spinach, spicy ginger and fresh lemon for a juice that’s easy on the palate, bright green and super fresh.


    This juice was designed to be completely different to other green juices. Peppery watercress & fresh fennel balanced by a mellow mix of Kentish pears & creamy courgettes. Sounds like it shouldn’t work. But it does.


    Our take on this classic is defined by our process. We peel our carrots for a brighter, fresher flavour. We blend sweet and sharp Kentish apples for the perfect apple taste. And we cold press the lot with spicy ginger. A classic – done amazingly.


    Beetroot juice is famed for improving stamina and recovery. Balanced with crisp Kentish apples and carrots, we use freshly squeezed lemon to cut through the earthy beetroot. Perfect for after a workout.


    This is perhaps our purest, simplest recipe. Naturally sweet vanilla bean paste revolutionises the light, nutty almond milk. It’s delicious in tea, on cereal or on its own. We like to think of it as purity, bottled.


    This is our most indulgent recipe. The intensity of the raw cacao is gently brought out by sweet dates and Himalayan sea salt. Combined with creamy cashews, it’s our version of crafted chocolate milk. Healthy indulgence in a bottle.