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Behind the scenes

29 Aug 2021, by Alex Auger

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This month we are deep diving into what it means to be a THINK PRESS employee. From unpacking the fresh, organic produce, to pressing the juices, to guiding you through your cleanse process, everything is done by hand and with enormous care and consideration. We’re a family run and owned business, and our team are at the heart of what we do. 

You may have seen that we were recently featured in the Times in an article on how investing in your staff’s morale is essential for business success. We pride ourselves on our working environment and the lifestyle options we provide for our Think Press team.

This month we had a chat with our Customer Experience Executive, Emily – a familiar voice to many of our THINK Press customers. She gives her insight into what it’s like working at THINK Press

TP: What is life like as a Think Press employee?

E: Well, everyday is different but the best part is speaking to new customers, getting to know the clients and developing relationships and understanding their requirements.

The key is understanding different needs, even if it’s not positive feedback, it’s realising what might work for one may not suit another and taking it all on board. We need tools and solutions for all eating habits and mindsets. We have an extensive toolkit now!

TP: What is your favourite part about the role?

E: It’s actually a really rewarding job, especially with our longer cleansing clients. I was able to really help them mentally, and support them on this journey. 

This then reflects back into my own life, motivating other people, then really motivates myself. Then in turn when I’m motivated I also am a better motivator so that’s a nice circle.

TP: What is the key to being a happy and successful cleanser? 

E: I think it’s actually to not think of success within those rigid guidelines. The key is about finding what works for you and making it your own. 

For me that first ever cleanse where I rigidly stuck to the juices 100% vs my cleanses thereafter where I allowed myself the odd snack and some decaf tea. The latter made it less scary, more enjoyable, and something I could realistically achieve seasonally. Too many people put too much pressure on themselves and then put themselves off. I completely understand the sweet cravings and wanting the odd cup of tea, you won’t ruin it. 

The whole purpose of juice cleansing is it’s something you come back to every season to hit the reset button and start afresh. If you make your cleanse you make it too extreme it becomes something you never want to do again. You want to make it something you look forward to. The key to being a successful long term cleanser is understanding that there is room for flexibility and we encourage you to make it work for YOU. 

TP: Has working here impacted your health?

E. Yes definitely, it’s certainly changed my lifestyle and how I view health. You understand the importance of fruit and veg and similarly to the previous question I no longer have such polarising views on good and bad. There’s room for everything in moderation and balance is the secret to success. 

Even hearing the  customers say how good they feel also really holds me accountable for my own diet and lifestyle choices! Plus we get lunches and healthy snacks provided too so I never have to think about what to prepare.  It really couldn’t be more accessible, the fridges are always fully stocked with organic unprocessed food and nut butters instead of, say nutella. It’s not your average office fridge! 

TP: What’s something that may surprise people about working at Think Press?

E: The sense of community! There is no hierarchy within the staff, everyone makes each other teas and coffees and eat together at lunch. It’s really nice!

Harriet even batch cooked a big meal recently and brought it in for everyone. It’s like a family which is so important as we spend most of our time together! 

TP: And finally what are your top tips? 

E: To think about when you want to finish your cleanse as well as start it. For example, I like to cleanse Sunday – Thursday so that Friday still feels like a real treat. 

Also you want to make life as easy for yourself as possible pre and post cleanse, whether that is preparing all your meals in advance and freezing them or having healthy microwave meals on hand, it’s important to make sure you don’t let yourself get tempted!