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Calorie Counting

28 Sep 2021, by Alex Auger

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Juice cleansing is an incredible tool at your disposal to hit the reset button. It’s essentially  Control-Alt-Delete for your body. We look forward to our quarterly cleanses, viewing them as something we do seasonally to check in and slow down. We do not view our cleanse as a crash diet but instead a diving board to launch yourself into a kinder way of eating. Having said that using a cleanse as an initial weight loss solution or to kick start a better lifestyle is a very common reason to cleanse. That immediate achievement is hugely encouraging but maintaining it also requires some consideration. We want to help! 

How can you continue to see results once the cleanse itself is finished? 

One of the great advantages to your juice cleanse is the ease of it. All you need to do is drink the juices delivered to you but when you are left to your own devices it’s very easy to be led astray. We are going to look at a few approaches over the coming months to help you find your best post cleanse roadmap.

Calorie counting has a bad reputation

Calorie counting is hugely demonised in the health industry but it can be a highly effective method to lose weight and avoid overconsumption. The benefit of calorie counting is that you know exactly how much you should be having.  It may sound confusing and intimidating at first but by consuming a certain number each day you are much more likely to reach your goals. Many of us are unconsciously consuming with no understanding of the macronutrients in our food. Calorie counting provides a greater understanding and gives you the knowledge and tools to achieve results. 

Volume eating is your friend

Volume eating is something we really recommend when calorie counting. Once you get started you will quickly notice that some foods are much higher in calories than others meaning you can eat much less of it in one serving. You want to feel satiated at all times and you should never feel starving while counting calories so pick your meals wisely. For example, a chocolate bar is much higher in calories per gram than a full meal, such as salmon, broccoli, crispy kale and some root mash. You will feel much more satisfied when you go for the latter over the chocolate bar. We urge you to consider the micronutrients within things as well, by opting for the meal you’re also getting all the micronutrient benefits, vitamins and minerals!

Use apps to support you on this journey 

You do not need to launch into this blindly. It can seem scary and intimidating at first , but there are some great applications you can employ to assist you with this. All you need to do is input what you are eating daily and it will add up the calories for you and show you what you have to work within for the remainder of the day.  Some are so advanced that you simply scan the barcode of the food label and it adds it on for you! 

These apps also have some great tips and advice to support you on this journey. We like Turtle and Nutracheck

This approach is not forever 

We want to emphasise that this is not something you will have to do for the rest of your life. It is just a good way of getting an understanding of how much food you need to be eating day to day to reach your target. These calories will then be adjusted so that you can maintain them. You should never feel trapped with calorie counting apps and if you’re going out for a nice dinner you should enjoy yourself without feeling tied to inputting your calories into an app!

Recognise that this approach is not for everyone

We understand that calorie counting can be triggering for some people so if you know already that this is not the approach for you we completely understand and respect that. Don’t worry we are here to help find a solution to work for you, your lifestyle and your goals. If you would like some assistance or support on how to exit your juice cleanse please do get in contact with our customer service team. Check out our blogs which are filled with many post cleanse recipes too!