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Cleansing with the seasons.

29 Sep 2020, by Alex Auger

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We are consistently asked when is the best time to cleanse and how frequently is optimal. The answer is different for everyone and really depends on your lifestyle and schedule but as a general rule of thumb we advise you to cleanse with the change of the season. Similarly to the animal kingdom our body changes as we travel through spring, summer, autumn and winter and each season can have an impact on our body’s overall equilibrium. 

Our circadian rhythm is constantly adapting according to our conditions, atmosphere, lifestyle and climate and we can help this transition with a seasonal cleanse. Echoing the cycles of nature with a cleanse is a great way to align yourself with your environment. Not only is it nice to detox your body with the cycles of nature but it gives your system a helping hand to reset and gives you a clean slate for the months ahead. 

September always feels like the perfect time for a cleanse, it’s that back to school mentality and we all seem to share a combined optimism for the season ahead. After a summer of indulgence, it always feels like a comfort to spend a week or so slowing down, look inward, and taking care of ourselves for a change. Your energy levels, sleep, skin, digestion, and immune system will thank you for it. 

In the same way that animals hibernate we encourage you to really hibernate and ease into your autumn cleanse. Take long baths, read a good book, lie-in, go for walks, and snuggle down with some Netflix and tea, this is some really valuable self-care time. Book in for your seasonal reset and enter this new season with a blank canvas.