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Could 2021 be the year that you change your life?

28 Jan 2021, by Alex Auger

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As human beings, we are creatures of habit, ritual and routine. But often those daily habits and routines aren’t serving us or our health. It’s this cycle of our daily choices that make up the whole. Often we wake up every day, eat the same breakfast, make a similar lunch, reach for the same snacks and select from the same dinners on rotation. It’s really hard to break the habits of a lifetime and to reconsider our choices. These choices become part of us, it’s our likes and dislikes, it’s our narrative.

We continually reach for the same foods and make the same decisions only to be surprised when we don’t feel any differently. Einstein said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” But ultimately how do we break that cycle?

All of our cleanses are beneficial and serve each of us for the better but there is a shift in perspective when an individual embarks on truly life-changing cleanse. A longer cleanse is different and it appears to birth a different outcome judging from the trials we have conducted. There is a level of commitment in taking on a longer cleanse that we do not see sometimes in those that deem a juice cleanse as a quick fix for an event or a holiday. To designate a month of your life to a juice cleanse is a huge commitment that appears to have a life-changing outcome. Post cleanse those habitual decisions have been removed and newer, healthier routines can easily replace old ones.

Weight is a particular discussion that we are constantly bombarded with, in the media, on instagram, social media. It seems to be a topic that people have free reign to discuss, is a person too thin, too overweight? But what if the discussion moved away from weight and towards health instead. Many of our longer cleanse clients have had a poor relationship with food that has panned decades or serious health conditions that require weight loss. We want to shift this health conversation into a positive perspective. To look at food for the good it is doing you as opposed to the bad, to count nutrients instead of calories and to change the purpose of food in our mind.

An amazing product of cleansing is the newfound respect you will find for the quality of the food you are putting into your body. After going through a 30 day cleanse, you come out of it having really really achieved something special. You don’t want to spoil it now!  

If you are struggling to break the habits of a lifetime, maybe the doctor has told you need to make some changes or you want the future to be different from the past please get in touch. Our team are here to hold your hand throughout the entire process and guide you through.

Please note for longer programmes it is essential you speak with a medical professional before ordering a programme. Get in touch with our Customer Service team today who can send you an information pack to share with your Doctor.