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Facial Massage Routine

29 Apr 2020, by Alex Auger

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Looking for a little self love? Look no further! 

We’ll show you exactly how it’s done as well as teaching you the right techniques to practice facial massage confidently at home. 

Massage is a key part of skincare and essential for moving waste and toxins out of the skin towards the lymph nodes which allows for skin cells to then be oxygenated and cleansed. This is key to allow skin cells to rid themselves of unwanted waste that affects clarity and causes breakouts.

Follow these steps for a great at home facial massage routine:

Step 1: Start with a zig-zag motion across the forehead

Apply some kind of facial oil to clean skin to provide ‘slip’. Using gentle pressure, but enough to get a lifting effect. Cross your middle and index fingers and move in a zig-zag motion from left to right across your forehead. This is going to release the muscle to lift the eyebrows and give an openness to the upper parts of the face.

Step 2: Lift your brows

Use quite a bit of pressure with the middle fingers as you stroke up from the nostrils, down the sides of the nose and into the eye socket, across the brows and then release as you get to the outer part of the eyes. Sweep underneath the eyes but don’t apply any pressure to the delicate skin here. Do this six times – it’s a great tension reliever.

Step 3: Pinch the lower part of your face

Using the length of your index finger and thumbs, starting in the middle pinch across the jawline, right to the ears. This gives a lifting effect to the lower part of the face, stimulates circulation and helps with lymphatic drainage. Do six movements along the jawline and six from the corners of the mouth up to the ear.

Step 4: Sweep down the neck

Finally do six sweeping movements from one side to the other, working downwards along the neck. This is going to really help to move the lymph, clear the skin, get rid of any jawline puffiness and improve the contour of the lower part of the face. It’s also a nice way to finish your massage as it’s really relaxing.