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Finding your balance

19 Apr 2021, by Alex Auger

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Society today is all about a quick fix. We are all seeking instant gratification and same-day results. Cleansing is frequently marketed with this in mind with it’s the power to help you feel and look amazing after just a few days. Many people turn to cleansing for this reason before an event or holiday. Yes, that is a great side effect of cleansing-the clear skin and the bright eyes are something we all love and aspire to. However… we’re all familiar with the phrase ‘all journeys start with the 1st step’. It’s so important we recognise this in the context of cleansing. Your cleanse is just the beginning of your journey… 

The story’s of Dan and John’s longer cleanses give us a bit more insight into how a cleanse is part of a journey – and the key is getting your balance right AFTER your programme has finished. For many, weight loss is the initial goal but it has to be seen as a part of the bigger picture rather than the stand alone solution. Cleansing is an incredible tool to hit the reset button, get you feeling great quickly and motivate you to make the changes in your lifestyle to maintain the results you’ve achieved. Education is key and it’s crucial to educate yourself on the nuances of diet and nutrition and realise that this is is just a piece of the puzzle! It’s simple common sense to know that you can’t go back to eating and living the same way after your cleanse and expect to sustain your results.

We love the phrase, ‘little by little, a little becomes a lot’. Progress should be slow and steady and if it’s not then it’s not sustainable. Finding something that you CAN comfortably maintain is so important for your results and mindset. You shouldn’t feel deprived all the time! Find your balance! We speak a lot about the 80/20 rule but we cannot recommend it enough. Having a little of what you love occasionally really helps to stop this cycle of suffering and overindulgence. Deprivation is your worst enemy when trying to lose weight and get healthy. We urge you to find your balance and what works for you, considering the psychology behind your relationship with health and lifestyle. Our team are experienced in supporting our customers post-programme, so do reach out to us for our top tips to help maintain your post-cleanse wellbeing.