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John’s Story

17 Feb 2021, by Alex Auger

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We have been delving further into the benefits of longer cleanses and the impact it can have on your health and most importantly your habits going forward. Many of you loved following Dan’s story and the incredibly positive overhaul it ignited in his life.  This got us to thinking how many other people could we help with this? We want to assist in changing the habits of a lifetime. Read on to discover John’s story, losing just under 2 stone in total (1stone 12lbs), shaving 5 inches off his waist and 5.5 inches off his chest. When you make a commitment like a 30 day cleanse that there is no going back! 

Changing habits takes time

Research shows it generally takes anywhere between 21 and 28 days to create a new habit so those subconscious barriers have been well and truly been broken in a 30 day cleanse. The mindless snacks we habitually reach for are long gone and those familiar foods we pick up in the weekly shop are a distant memory by the end of the process. When forging new habits and you cross that 3 or 4 week period, things start to get much easier as it is now habitual to nourish yourself. You are well and truly wiping that slate clean and you can then enjoy better and healthier practices moving forward. Think of it as a full body power wash. You now have the motivation to keep things squeaky clean after an undertaking like this.

John’s programme 

We had the pleasure of joining another Think Press client, John on his 31 day juice cleanse journey. John, 56, is no stranger to juice cleansing, he has even completed a 2 week cleanse in the past but nothing of this scale. His trust and confidence in cleansing was born from the research and results of a close friend during an extensive battle with cancer. Tragically this battle was lost but John has faith in the healing powers of juicing. 

Due to some personal and health issues John said goodbye to 2020 the heaviest he had ever been but also incredibly motivated to make some changes in 2021! John began his cleanse on the 1st January in order to really harness that Monday mentality we have previously talked about. This tool really helps to hold yourself accountable and track where you are in your cleanse journey. John had some really helpful methods that we loved! He created a spreadsheet stuck to the fridge with little magnets to monitor and track his own progress and visually watch himself move across the calendar month. 

Mindset is key

The most important thing when taking on a longer cleanse is your mindset, you have to WANT to succeed. That is something that we can all really learn from John and to adopt his unwavering mindset! John’s positivity, attitude and approach was consistent throughout as he kept sight of the bigger picture. He also noted that making that initial financial investment and paying up front makes you more determined as you have already made that monetary obligation to yourself. If you paid weekly you may be more tempted to stop. 

There were so many comparisons between Dan and John’s experience. Both noted that being in lockdown helped. It is so much easier without the typical bustle of day to day life and having no social commitments. Both remarked on how surprised they were by how easily we can make it for you! All logistics are seamlessly organised. You don’t even have to do any washing up!

It’s not just about the juice!

In both stories, the wonderful Emily has a huge part to play. Consider her your own  personal cheerleader. All of the Think Press team are in your corner but your weekly calls with Emily give you someone to answer to and help keep you on track and in a good mindset. This is a huge part of the importance of our service. Imagining doing this alone at home, with your own mental dialogue against you. We take all of the stress, organisation, mess and effort away and give you a point of contact to hold your hand throughout. As John said, “knowing that people were rooting for you was really inspiring”.

One of John’s incredible cleanse tips is to start later on in the day and make each juice count. “The quality of the juices really speak for themselves and the larger bottles made me feel consistently full which is key.” John’s tactics to keep himself feeling satisfied throughout the day was to start slightly later in the morning and make each of the juices last for 1/2 an hour. This way you make the gaps between juices music smaller and you are drinking all day long!

For long term success – have an exit plan.

Finally another leaf to take from John’s book and perhaps the most important of all is to have an exit plan! This is essential to continue all the hard work you have put in and to transition back onto solid food and your new way of life! John and Emily worked together to stagger this process for the optimal transition back into solid food.  He has decided to carry on juicing two days a week and doing 5 days of calorie-controlled healthy eating. 


John entered into this process knowing that he was going to lose the weight and that he did! He had hoped to lose a stone and a half in total and that all fell off him in the first 3 weeks. Overall John lost just under 2 stone in total (1stone 12lbs), shaving 5 inches off his waist and an unbelievable 5.5 inches of his chest! It was an emotional ride for all of us so closely invested in John’s inspirational journey! It was a real highlight in the Think Press office to receive his weekly check in emails on his progress. 

“WOW – I’ve done it…

And you’ll never believe what record is playing as I write this…

Heather Small – PROUD – OMG I feel so emotional. I’m so chuffed with myself.” 

We are ardently proud of what John has achieved and we are grateful and inspired to share his journey with our community.

Are you inspired to make change?

From one serial dieter to many others take note of John’s words, “it is 100% achievable. I’ve spent thousands of £s, only to find myself where I was. Only you can make the change. I wanted to do it for myself, and that’s what was so important as previously I have always felt I had to lose weight for other people. No one else benefits from you doing a cleanse but you, I knew I was going to get good results and I knew I was putting so much goodness into my body! I not only set out to achieve the biggest amount of weight loss but a NEED to treat my body differently. I’ve got everything to live for and only I can change my quality of life.”

** For longer programmes it is essential you speak with a medical professional before ordering a programme. Get in touch with our Customer Service team today via hello@thinkfoods.co.uk or 01634 790963 who can send you an information pack to share with your Doctor.