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Join us on our juice-a-day challenge!

30 Dec 2020, by Alex Auger

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Forget the January Blues, this year we are getting the January Greens. 

New resolutions time is here once again and often the good intensions fizzle out in a week or two. Not this year! We are proposing drinking one juice a day for 25 days in January. Supplementing your diet with juice is a great way to get lots of concentrated goodness in quickly. With ingredients that your body actually recognises as opposed to a capsule made in a lab! 

Juice is far more easily digested than if you physically ate the vast quantity of fruit and veg each juice contains. Imagine how boring it would be to sit down and eat a whole plate of the raw ingredients, not too mention how full you would be! On average each juice contains at least 5 different ingredients so you’ll smash your 5 a day by breakfast. Some of our greener juices even contain 7 varieties and with nothing to sweeten or dilute, just think of all the vitamins you are absorbing. It’s the easiest and most enjoyable supplement ever. 

How and when you wish to drink your juices are up to you! You could have them as a replacement for your typical breakfast, in place of your morning or afternoon snack or just in addition to your typical diet. It’s also great to curb those afternoon sweet cravings with goodness instead of chocolate all while detoxing your system.  Drinking a bottle of juice a day will support your health, give you more energy, aid detoxification and get a really broad range of goodness into your system really easily. 

Simply order a 5 day cleanse and take 1 juice out of your freezer each day to join in. Enter the code 

25DAYCHALLENGE to get 3 of your juices for free, saving £18 off your order!