THINK Press | 3 and 6 Day Juice Cleanses
THINK Press formulates tailored juice cleanses to achieve specific results. 3 and 6 day programmes available.
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Juice Cleanses : Coldpressed Juice Cleanse Detox Diet
Select your delivery date at the checkout – we deliver daily Tuesday to Friday. All our juices arrive freshly blast frozen, so you can start when suits you.

Next day delivery available for orders placed before 12 noon.


Need a quick guide to choosing the right cleanse for you? You can find more information on all of our cleanses on their individual pages. Otherwise, give us a call on 01634 790963 or email

Below is a quick guide to our juices

    This zesty alkaliser is bursting with fresh lime and a kick from spicy ginger. Sweetened slightly with organic agave, its our Mexican twist on a classic lemonade.


    Packed with goodness, but with a touch of sweetness- this is the Ultimate green juice. Spinach and pear add body, whilst parsley and citrusy lemon balance everything out. Wheatgrass is our secret ingredient.


    Our most popular juice is easy on the palate, and incredibly refreshing. A sweet and sharp blend of apples, with leafy spinach, spicy ginger and zesty lemons. Bright green in colour and super fresh.


    Our only fruit free, all greens juice. We've balanced subtle sweetness from crunchy romaine lettuce with fresh, mineral rich parsley against a background of simple greens.


    We peel our carrots for a brighter, fresher flavour. We blend sweet and sharp varieties of apples for the perfect crisp flavour. And we cold press the lot with spicy ginger. Simple ingredients at their best - a classic combination.


    We balance the earthiness of beetroot with crisp, crunchy apples, beta carotene rich carrots and a lift from lemon juice. Big flavours in perfect harmony.


    Naturally sweet vanilla revolutionises this light nutty mylk. Our unique recipe is a refined sugar free twist on the flavour of marzipan - combining creamy cashews and almonds.


    With antioxidant rich raw cacao, naturally sweet dates, creamy cashews and a pinch of pink Himalayan Salt. Our crafted version of guilt-free chocolate milk is our most indulgent recipe yet.