July: What’s in Season?

We love to eat (and juice!) with the seasons. The summer months sees an abundance of highly nutritious vegetables and fruit grown right here in the UK. Here are a few of our favourites we’ll be stocking up on this July.

KALE –  This leafy green brassica is full of nutrients to help boost wellbeing. It’s brilliant in juices and smoothies – find it in our Super Greens juice.

SPINACH – Nothing beats fresh, large leaf British spinach. Fresh and flavourful, it’s the perfect base to any summer salad. We love it so much, we include it in all three of our green juices.

BERRIES – British soft berries are world famous for their quality and flavour, they’re also packed with Vitamin C and phytonutrients. We love to top our breakfast with local berries, or whizz them up in smoothies. 

COURGETTES – Courgettes are one of our favourite cooking ingredients for summer. Best served simple, with lemon juice and a drizzle of Olive Oil.

We love to eat seasonally, and work with our certified organic suppliers to source as much local produce as we can for our juices. 

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