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Longer Cleanses – Our Steps to Success!

08 Dec 2020, by Alex Auger

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You may have previously read our piece on Dan’s Story. We were so inspired by Dan’s success, we decided to combine his experience with some words of wisdom from our team in a piece about steps to success with a longer cleanse.

Dan knew that for health reasons, he needed to lose the weight. However he’d never found himself mentally ready to do it. “I needed to start, I knew I needed to start but you go to the shops and then you see something you like and then ‘oh I’ll start next week’ but once the cleanse was ordered, I had no option. It’s coming so here I go!” 

Losing weight is never easy and there’s no quick fix that’s going to change that, but getting started is often the hardest part. Whether you want to lose weight for medical reasons, to improve your quality of life or just get healthy, we often fall victim to that ‘diet start’s Monday’ approach. This inevitably breeds an all or nothing mentality to your diet and lifestyle and frequently results in a cycle of binging/feeling unwell on the Monday and postponing that Monday marker. The starting line gets pushed further and further into the distance. 

There is some psychology behind that ‘Monday motivation’ so in order to harness that, Dan began his 30 cleanse on the 1st of October. This way, he always knew what day of the cleanse he was on, and how many days he had left to go. The whole month was dedicated to getting that ball rolling and once everything was booked, he found it really held him accountable.

So whether that’s starting a 7 day programme on a Monday, or starting a 14 or 30 day programme on the 1 st of the month – there are small but symbolic ways.

Talk to our team about rotating your program weekly to help give you something new to look forward to. This helps break down the cleanse into week by week rather than the daunting prospect of a whole month. 

We really understand that a cleanse, especially one as long as this, requires care and support so you can lean on us as much or as little as you like. Alongside advice on the best juices to choose, we can help diarise your programme, booking a delivery schedule that works for you. Our customer service team are completely dedicated to your experience and results.

Doing a cleanse with THINK Press is such a unique experience because all the thought and hassle is taken out of it for you. We make the juices, we deliver the juices, we give you a detailed guide on what to drink when and we have a team on hand for any questions, queries, or even for a chat. All you have to do is defrost and drink them! You don’t have to worry about how many calories you are eating, what to cook for dinner or be tempted in
the supermarket. You don’t even need to enter a supermarket!

** For longer programmes it is essential you speak with a medical professional before ordering a programme. Get in touch with our Customer Service team today who can send you an information pack to share with your Doctor.