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My 30 Day Cleanse

24 Nov 2020, by Alex Auger

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When making a change, often starting is the hardest part

If you’d told Dan at the end of September, that in a month’s time he’d be 2 and ¼ stone lighter, and his waist 8.5cm smaller – he would never have believed you. Dan was embarking on the start of his weight loss journey with THINK Press with a 30 day cleanse*, and we’re really proud to be sharing his story.

Dan set out to lose a stone, and he achieved that by the second week. Overall Dan, lost an incredible 2 1/4 stone (15kilos) in weight, alongside 8.5cm from his waist, 7cm from his chest, and even 3.5cm from each leg. The positive results weren’t just on the scales, Dan found his resting heart rate drastically reduced(from 95 to 75-80), his sleeping improved, he stopped snoring and his energy levels increased. He even noticed how much lighter he felt mentally. We were blown away by these incredible results.

Not to say that the cleanse was easy, it was a challenge and there were peaks and troughs. Dan described it as a rollercoaster. The initial excitement, the challenge of the first few day, then by the second week he was feeling good and enjoying it, the 3rd-week missing food and then finally the home stretch!

We caught up with Dan a few weeks after he finished his juicing, and here’s what he had to say:

I’m still carrying on the weight loss journey, I’ve really changed how I eat. Before I would have sandwiches, crisps etc now I listen to my body. It’s given me the kick I needed and my weight is continuing to go down. I’m exercising much more and eating smaller portions without a struggle because my stomach shrunk on the cleanse.  

I loved how I felt after each juice and that made a big difference in how I think about food. I’ve learned to listen to my body and its triggers and notice when I actually feel hungry.

My exercise and stamina really improved. I’m even running now, which if you’d told me before I would have laughed. . 

For the THINK Press team, these are the stories that get us out of bed in the morning. We are SO proud of what Dan has achieved. He has changed not only his body but his mind and his relationship with food and approach to what he eats. Weight loss doesn’t need to be the enemy.

Emily from the THINK Press team worked closely with Dan to design his programme, and keep him on track throughout. 

“Emily was so welcoming and encouraging and she comes to you before you have to ask the questions, even the deliveries are laid out and planned for you. That really helped me because I never had to be anxious about logistics, it was foolproof. Emily thought of everything.” 

We think Dan summed it up perfectly – “ what’s a month in the grand scheme of things if it can change everything?”. We couldn’t agree more. If you know someone who needs to read this, forward them Dan’s story – it’s proof that you can make that change, and you might get results sooner than you think.

** For longer programmes it is essential you speak with a medical professional before ordering a programme. Get in touch with our Customer Service team today who can send you an information pack to share with your Doctor.