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Natural Skincare Brands

27 Oct 2020, by Alex Auger

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It feels like a natural progression when you begin on your health journey to get to a point when you reconsider the products and integrity on the ingredients you are using. When you start to think about the food you put into your body, it makes sense to also think about the chemicals you are putting onto your body. 

Your skin is your body’s largest organ and everything we apply is absorbed so it’s really important to be mindful of what ingredients are using and where they come from. There is a huge emphasis in the ‘clean beauty’ world on where these ingredients are sourced from and the impact they have on the environment which is great because it’s something I never really considered before I made the switch.

Here is a roundup of some of our favourite natural beauty brands that also cause no harm to the environment:

  1. Pai Beauty – Pai was founded with sensitive skin in mind so it’s products are really soothing, nourishing and gentle on the skin. Their oil cleanser and rosehip oil in particular are amazing and their entire range are really competitively priced! 
  2. Green People – Green People covers all bases! From body wash to shampoo to SPF they create truly natural and organic beauty products that are effective and unfussy! I’m yet to try a product I haven’t liked! 
  3. Botane Skin Actives – South African brand Botane has a really reduced range of really effective products. With emphasis on it’s ethical ingredients and advanced technology! We particularly love the Whipped Cleanser and the Peptide Cream. 
  4. Esse Skincare – This range was formulated around probiotics and repairing your skin’s microbiome. It has a a slightly higher price point than some of the other brands in this list but for good reason. The probiotic serum is absolutely incredible for a whole host of skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, ageing and even breakouts. 
  5. Kora Organics – Kora is actually supermodel Miranda Kerr’s brand. The whole range is toxin-free, cruelty-free and formulated with highly-active, Certified Organic ingredients that deliver powerful results leaving your skin healthy, glowing and radiant. What more could you want?