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Not just a juice cleanse…

01 Apr 2020, by Alex Auger

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Now more than ever we have to make our health our priority but it’s being made harder than usual. Fresh fruit and veg are difficult to find and we are supposed to be only leaving the house for essentials. Visiting 3 separate supermarkets in search of spinach is not only risky but time-consuming too. 

Fortunately we deliver straight to your door so you get all the goodness without the risk. The juices arrive frozen for your convenience so you can defrost them daily. If you were to order a 3 day Build Your Own cleanse you can get enough juices to last you over 2 weeks. This can also be shared amongst your family or household to keep you all in best health. 

Drinking fresh juice is like giving yourself a nutrient shot. Since the fruit and vegetables are partially digested, your body can soak them up quickly. We are supplementing our day to day diet with a juice each day to keep our immune system in full force. Did you know there’s a kilo of fruit and veg in each juice?

If you are under the weather it’s also the perfect choice and it’s full of goodness, delicious to drink and allows your body to focus on getting well rather than using your energy for digestion.