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Our mission

“Our philosophy on juice is simple, always has been, always will be.

Always fresh. Always organic. Always delicious.

We passionately believe in the superior quality, taste and nutritional benefit of freshly pressed juice. We respect our suppliers, take pride in the production of our product and care about our customers. Our products are premium in their simplicity, because this is what we THINK juice should taste like.”

Alex Founder

Founder Alex Auger

I founded THINK Press so more people could taste, and feel the benefits of fresh juice. THINK Press juice is freshly pressed in Kent, and blast frozen to lock in nutrients – so people all over the UK can feel the benefits at home.

I first started cleansing in 2014 – and have been a committed cleanser ever since. A juice cleanse can be a transformational experience for anyone – helping you feel lighter, brighter and ready for a fresh start. We offer a carefully curated range of cleanses to suit all levels of experience.

THINK Press Team

Experts in cleansing

Since 2015 we’ve been championing the power of juicing, and love hearing about how our customers reap the benefits. We are experts in juice cleansing and detox.

We have a community of committed juicers across the UK, and support them throughout their programmes with our simple, easy to follow cleanse guides.

Our team are on hand to help with any questions, and support cleansers through their experience. As all our juice is made by us, in Kent – we understand and handle every step of the process – from handpicking the juices to tracking deliveries.

Stories from our local suppliers

We work with the very best organic suppliers we could find. With a product so pure, the quality of ingredients is paramount. Find out more about our entrusted suppliers and how they work.

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Buy Whole Foods Online

We love working with THINK Press. The company are always friendly…

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Bio Dima

We at Bio Dima like what THINK Press do and respect how you do it. Simple.

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Langridge Organic

THINK Press have very quickly brought a level of professionalism to the sector…

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Frequently asked questions

Which cleanse is best for me?

You can read more about each of our cleanses on the individual product pages to find out which might suit you best. If you’d like support in choosing a programme you can contact us directly and our team will be happy to help. 

How much juice do I get per day?

All our programmes contain 5 x 500ml organic drinks per day so a total of 2.5litres per day.

How many calories are in each cleanse?

For our signature programmes, they contain the following calories per day:

Lighten Cleanse – 935 calories per day

Detox Cleanse – 895 calories per day

Strengthen Cleanse – 1260 calories per day

Nutritional and calorie information is available on all of our juices when you build a bespoke programme.

What are the benefits of doing a cleanse?

We are passionate believers in the power of juicing. The simple philosophy behind a cleanse is to give your digestive system a break, remove any toxicity going into your body – whilst replenishing it with pure nutrients from freshly pressed vegetables, fruit, herbs and nuts. The effect of the cleanse should go far past the length of the programme, and should kickstart you into a healthier lifestyle for good.

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