1. What is raw, cold pressed juice? How is it different?

Cold pressed juice is made without the additional of heat to the process.  This means our juice is in its purest form possible, with nothing added. This retains higher levels of nutrients, and is guaranteed to be fresh. We blast freeze our juices as soon as they’re bottled, to lock in nutrients and flavour – so we can deliver to you in a convenient way.

2. Why do you use more vegetables than fruit?

We always strive to keep our vegetable content over 75% within our juices. There is no shortage of research to suggest that high sugar food and drinks can have significant effects on health. We would encourage people to eat their fruit, but juice their veg. It’s not a chore to eat a few pieces of fruit, but we haven’t found many people yet who eat 1 kg. of raw green vegetables in one sitting!

3. Is fruit juice bad for you?

Fruit juice certainly has its benefits, however it is undeniably high in sugar.  Research suggests that we’re much better off drinking fresh vegetable juice as the sugar content is much lower. We add a bit of fruit for sweetness and those essential vitamins, but believe the real power is within the veggies.

4. Wouldn’t it just be cheaper for me to make it at home?

We have invested in the very best cold press juicing equipment which ensures maximum yield from produce, minimal waste and superior quality. We also have a team of staff who create recipes, prep our produce and juice it every morning (and clean up the mess). If you factor in the cost of a good quality cold press juicer and the cost (and time) of purchasing your own produce, we don’t think it works out much cheaper.  We have some of the most competitive prices on the market.

5. What are the health benefits of a cleanse?

We all do our best to keep ourselves fit and healthy, but sometimes we just need to push that reset button.

We passionately believe in the benefits of juice cleansing, and the impact it can have on your knowledge of, and attitude towards healthy eating. We have designed lots of programmes designed to achieve various different results. The simple philosophy behind a cleanse is to give your digestive system a break, remove any toxicity going into your body – whilst replenishing it with pure nutrients from freshly pressed vegetables, fruit, herbs and nuts. The effect of the cleanse should go far past the 3 or 6 day programme – it should kickstart you into a healthier lifestyle for good.


6. Where do you deliver to? Can I choose my delivery date?

We ship nationwide within mainland UK and use an overnight shipping service to get your juice to you super-fresh.

You can choose your delivery date and cleanse start date at the checkout. We offer next day delivery if you order before noon.


7. What bottles do you use?

We use recyclable PET bottles. Our packaging is recyclable too, so we’re doing our bit for the environment.

8. How long will the juice last? Where should i keep it?

We will deliver the juice blast frozen, so you can pop in the freezer ready for when you want to start your programme. Once defrosted, your juice will last 3 days in the fridge.


9. Who are your suppliers?

We work with a number of credible suppliers in Kent, and the rest of the UK using both wholesalers and working with local farms. We always work with suppliers who can guarantee organic certification, traceability and quality.

10. How much is delivery?

Our standard delivery is free. For a timed (pre 10am) delivery, there is a small surcharge of £15.00.


11. Can i pick up or collect?

You can indeed! You can collect daily from our Lordswood address. We’d love to show you around our amazing juice HQ!


12. How do i order?

Visit our online shop! Or, if you prefer just send us an email orders@thinkfoods.co.uk or give us a call on 01634 790963 to order your juices. Email us with your juice preferences and preferred delivery date and we’ll get straight back to you.

Delivery info

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