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Self care morning routine

30 Oct 2019, by Alex Auger

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Getting into a good morning routine can really help set you up for the day and have a knock on effect, ultimately making you more productive and motivated. Let’s get you starting your day with your best foot forward, it’s not called a power hour for nothing! Here are a few of our favourite ways to start our day:

1. Shower

It might seem obvious but that ritual morning shower not only wakes you up but gives you the opportunity for a little first thing self care! Whether its a quick body brushing or a little skincare routine showing yourself a little self love is so important at any time of day

2. Meditation 

Whether you’ve got 5 mins or 25 giving yourself that little bit of peace can make the world of difference to your life. We love to use an app such as Headspace or Mind

3. Get moving

Whatever your workout of choice it’s so important to get your body moving, especially if you have an office job! Whether your a yogi or into HIIT training getting into some sort of a routine is so important and really helps with your consistency. 

4. Avoid your phone

Keeping our phone on aeroplane mode has been a real game changer for our mornings! I like to switch it on as I get into bed and don’t turn it back off until I leave for work, that way you can dedicate your morning to you in peace before the stress of the day hits you.

5. Eat breakfast mindfully 

Eating breakfast at a table without a phone or a tv on has somehow become unusual practice. Taking the time to eat slowly and enjoy your meal is so important for our digestion and prevents overeating. 

What are your favourite morning rituals?