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Summer Pending

06 Jun 2022, by Alex Auger

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We don’t want you to feel pressure to “get summer ready”, we want you to feel good in your body all year round. We want to banish this unhealthy “summer body” narrative! Whilst we appreciate the sentiment, often summer sneaks up on us and we don’t always feel comfortable pulling on shorts and little summer dresses after 2 bank holidays in quick succession but a quick fix is not what you need.  A steady approach towards the long, warmer days is far better for our health and more likely to achieve the results we want. Far better to consider the long game than instant gratification! 

We understand this might sound unusual coming from a juice cleanse company! Cleansing is often viewed as a last minute quick fix before a holiday or an event but what we really want is to flip your whole perspective. Rather than viewing your next cleanse as a last resort or a temporary solution, we aim to get you to a place of consistency over perfection. If you’ve done a cleanse with us before you will know how amazing you feel afterwards. Lighter, brighter, and that shift in vibrancy and energy is second to none. It is because of that instantaneous result that people reach for it again and again at the 11th hour. This is exactly how the yo-yo keeps going. Instead we need a lifestyle shift! Here’s how:

A cleanse is a great springboard. 

We love a juice cleanse as a starting point! You can harness how good you feel post cleanse and use it as a tool to motivate yourself to keep going! After a cleanse we notice we are always more aware of what we are putting into our body. Filling our plate with colourful fruits and veggies and with a greater focus on whole, natural foods! This all means that healthier eating becomes easier when you finish your cleanse.

Quarterly cleansing is your best friend 

Booking yourself a quarterly cleanse, with the change of the seasons, is a great way to hold yourself accountable and keep yourself consistent. You also have to ease your way into and out of your cleanse so it gives you a window of time in each season to reset and prioritise your diet and lifestyle. We really look forward to our seasonal cleanses and view them as an opportunity for some self care time and a real gift from you to you! 

Find your balance

Often when people start a health kick they really under eat, over restrict and make themselves miserable and hungry. This is not sustainable or enjoyable. Healthy doesn’t have to be horrible. You can eat delicious and healthy food every single day! Incorporate the food you like and get creative. We love ‘healthifying’ some of our favourite dishes and the internet is a great resource for healthy versions of classic meals. We also have some great recipes on our blog if you’re looking for some inspo.  Make sure you’re eating enough protein (many women don’t) and don’t cut out carbs altogether, your body needs them!

We also practice the 80 /20 rule – 80% whole foods, 20% soul foods. Eating is one of the greatest pleasures in life and there is no need to abstain from your favourite foods. A little moderation is all it takes! 

Stop with the all or nothing approach!

There is a thought provoking analogy that we like. After a huge purchase you don’t then think, “oh well, I’ve started now” and max out your credit card do you? That is the road to ruin! Why do we have the same approach to our diet and lifestyle? If you have a big overindulgence don’t let it landslide. It doesn’t have to turn into days and weeks of excess! Really enjoy the meal, be in the moment and move on. Every indulgence doesn’t have to mean we lose all control. Life is to be enjoyed!!