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We at Bio Dima like what THINK Press do and respect how you do it. Simple.

25 Nov 2019, by Alex Auger

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Bio Dima started from our love for food and the belief that everyone should be able to enjoy organic quality products. Being mediterranean our diet is full of fresh produce and in 2015 Felice Gobati brought to London the organic olive oil & citrus from the centuries old farm located by the mediterranean sea shore in the beautiful town of Sciacca, Sicily.

Our logo is the signature of our third partner who own the farm and we wanted to honor this legacy and it wasn’t long after we had our first customers appreciating the quality of our products.

It is thanks our customers that stayed with us from the very beginning we were able to grow. We recycled all the fruit pallets and built our first office and shelves and then it wasn’t enough so we moved and again. We need to have the space to stock for all our customers as they grow, therefore we grow and it happened fast.

The business team is diverse and each team member brings their own expertise and connections. For example one team member has close Peruvian friends who grow Ginger and another comes from a family who grow organic mushrooms in Lithuania. Supplying fresh organic produce is a very complex field and there’s a critical time factor to it so it can be also very stressful but we are big on humor and i think that’s mainly our oil in the wheels.

We also try to work locally and biodiverse whenever possible and of course organic. The business partners invest a lot of time in traveling and go into the farms to develop close relationships with the farmers as we think everyone on the supply chain should benefit. If we work together it makes everyone’s life happier and the end customer can afford to continue buying or manufacture organic without struggling because of exaggerated margins a long the way.

In our line of business you know that even if you do your best anything can happen and you have several factors that our out of your hands so you are always trying to make the impossible possible and in time. Our business works around the clock, we have our great team in the night receiving the lorries, checking the goods, preparing the orders. It’s hard work and crazy hours. Our office team also work around the clock as the paperwork and admin of imports never stop, so the week is 7 working days 24 hours!

At Bio Dima we believe that organic is the only food and drink we should drink. In a non organic broccoli for example you can find 123 different chemicals so what can be healthy in eating your greens this way? We think it should reverse and instead of marking organic food we should mark with the actual contents the non organic food then people will easily switch to organic, there will be more demand and more farms will produce organic. Organic farming conserve water, reduce pollution and of course are kinder to the birds and animals. There is no reason beside our fast and non patient consumption culture to use anything that is harmful to the environment or ourselves

We at Bio Dima like what THINK Press do and respect how you do it. Simple. We know the layers and depths of effort in this field and respect the vision and the hard work that involved in it specially without cutting corners on the health, quality and organic aspects of the products.

Here at Bio Dima we are constantly increasing our lines, it all comes from customer demand. We try to give a wholesome organic solution and the future holds a way to bring complete organic wholesale solutiona that will help business owners to become or stay organic. People will have more affordable options to nourish themselves in a healthy, eco friendly manner. It has to happen.

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