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We love working with THINK Press. The company are always friendly…

25 Nov 2019, by Alex Auger

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BWFO was started in 2007 by two cousins; Arthur Martin and Joe Cooper in a garden shed, where they both shared a passion for healthy, organic wholefoods.

The shed soon turned into a mini warehouse and the need for additional staff and a larger warehouse grew incredibly quickly. In 2011, BWFO bought their first commercial warehouse.

The company continued to grow at an incredible rate and by October of the same year, the business moved to a much larger premises where they stayed for 5 years.

In 2016, Buy Whole Foods Online moved to a 25,00 sq ft warehouse in Minster, Ramsgate where they still operate from.

Buy Whole Foods Online has grown to have 48 members of staff consisting of a marketing team, accounts team, customer services along with picking and packing teams to ensure all of the orders go out on time.

The company continues to grow at a rapid rate whilst maintaining the family feel between staff members who are proud to provide high quality products to customers, each with a huge passion for healthy, organic, wholefoods.

Arthur Martin is on site most days acting as the warehouse manager dealing with everything from produce supply and selection to quality control, staff coordination and all warehouse operations.

Joe Cooper primarily focuses on the website, user experience, design, marketing activities and all interactions between the company and European customers.

BWFO are based in Kent with their current warehouse located in Minster, Ramsgate to stay true to the brands roots. The natural, green and rural surroundings of Kent reflects the company’s love for 100% natural ingredients and an organic lifestyle. Along with being close to their suppliers, small local businesses, family and friends.

BWFO focus on providing products that are as natural as possible. This often means that they may only stock organic variations of a particular product and will also offer a non-organic variation to enable their customers to have a choice.

BWFO pride themselves on providing the best possible stock and ingredients for their customers by means of quality control where they test the products and pack most items on site so they have complete control.

We love working with THINK Press. The company are always friendly and professional to work with. We hope to continue to work with them and be there number one contact for providing the products that are used to make their delicious, bespoke juices.

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