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THINK Press have very quickly brought a level of professionalism to the sector…

25 Nov 2019, by Alex Auger

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Langridge was started nearly 30 years ago to fulfill the need of organic growers in finding a market for the fresh produce they had grown. Today they have a staff of around 40 at our modern warehouse and distribution facility in Feltham, West London. They specialize in supplying organic produce to independent retailers, caterers, food processors and of course juicing companies such as THINK Press.

From around 2010 we started seeing companies starting up who wanted to juice vegetables. Prior to that juices were all about fruit with a few die hard fans juicing watercress. This was a sector that was to grow rapidly over the next few years until some rationalization formed the market we see today.

For us I think it is about buying British when ever you can. Every year presents different growing conditions which have a direct effect on how long seasons are. This last year, for instance, was the first time that we were able to offer 12 months of UK grown beetroot and thus avoid the need for the Spanish season. Items like carrots, kale, celery, cucumber and apples will always have a strong UK season however I think that even with global warming we are a little off growing lemons and ginger commercially in the UK.

We have enjoyed working with THINK Press from the start. They very quickly brought a level of professionalism to the sector that allowed for clear communication and therefore easier planning. As a result it has meant we quickly established a strong working relationship that I believe has been mutually beneficial.

The whole process of organic food production we believe offers so many benefits. Not just in terms of the quality and health benefits of the food that is produced but also in term of the environmental benefits it brings. From a growers prospective it is also great to be working with farmers who not only passionately believe in what they are doing but who are also able to run financially viable farms as a result. 

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