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We Now Announce it Summer

21 Jun 2022, by Alex Auger

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Today is the longest day of the year also known as Summer Solstice.

This signifies the beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. The June Solstice is considered to be the first day of summer, and yet often celebrations at this time of year are known as Midsummer, which is pretty confusing. Fear not, you haven’t missed out on half of everyone’s favourite season!

As you know we always suggest cleansing with the seasons and summer happens to be our favourite time of year to cleanse. Cleansing in the summer is such a pleasure because you typically feel a little colder on a cleanse so it’s so refreshing when the weather is warm.

It’s really personal preference but in the cooler months of the year we like to cleanse mid week, using work as our distraction and hurry home for a bath. However, in summer, we love a social cleanse over a weekend with friends. Take long walks, lie in the park with a good book and sip on refreshing juices. Cleansing with friends is such a pleasure because you can share in the experience and accomplish something together. You can motivate one another and hold each other accountable. Plus pre and post cleanse is always more fun in pairs.

Find your cleanse community and book in your summer cleanse with friends. #CleanseWithFriends